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Catalytic Converter for Removal of Formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds from Stack (Chemikuwait Industry) Catalytic Combustion Unit for the Treatment of Methane and Ammonia Emitted from the Soil At Al-Ahmadi Area.

Air purification system for office and home use:

Aero 700 unit: Products represents the latest Nano air cleaning technology for removal of bacteria, mould and odours.

Air purification system for large areas or industrial locations

  • Aero 1000 BM module has been designed and developed for the removal of bacteria and moulds.
  • Aero 1000 OD module has been developed and designed for the removal of industrial odours.
  • Aero Pro 800 module has been developed and designed for the removal of odours, bacteria, yeast, viruses, and particles from the air and thus prevent them from moving across the heat exchanger of Air Conditionary Systems and entering the incoming air.
  • Degrease module has been developed to reduce the binding of fat molecules onto the walls and ceiling of the kitchen hoods.
  • Aero Pro 3000 is a tailor made and standard solutions for removal of odours and bacteria and sulfur compounds removal at stand alone sewage pumping stations located close to housing areas.


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Harvard School of Public Health in cooperation with Kadhema Scientific Consultancy and Services contracted by Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages resulting from the Iraqi Aggression (PAAC) carried out the health studies of the Environmental and Assessment (E&A) programme funded by the United Nations Compensation Commission.


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