A Solid Beginning

Established by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Muhailan former Minister of Health, Chairman of Kuwait Environmental Protection Council (EPC) in 1998 as technology– based consulting company of a professional group dedicated to scientific approaches and High Tech solutions:

Supported by highly qualified national experts, with strong links to reputed international groups in the areas of:

  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Environmental Monitoring & Assessment
  • Waste Management
  • Converting customer needs into integrated solutions using latest technologies


  • Establish within the Kadhema Group national capabilities to address Environmental  Assessment   including Environmental Impact   Assessments (EIAs),  Environment  Management, Hazardous and Wastes Management challenges in Kuwait;
  • Provide Consultancy in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Safety, Health & Environmental Management;
  • Carry out EIAs of industrial, urban and commercial development projects;
  • Develop IT solutions for Environmental Data Generation, Evaluation and Management; and Presentation of accurate, reliable and easily accessible health, safety and environment information to clients;
  • Design and carry out Capacity Building Programmes in Health, Safety & Environmental Management, including emergency response, monitoring, assessment and mitigation options.


  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Consultations

  • Environment Public Authority

    Evaluation of Existing Environmental Conditions

  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

  • ukas management systems