Environmental Consultancy and Services Division (ECSD) – Our Tasks

  • Ecological Assessment of Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems and Habitats.
  • Monitoring, Assessment, Mitigation and Prevention of Environmental Pollution.
  • Preparation of EIAs and EISs for Various Development Projects.
  • Assessment and Management of Domestic and Industrial Landfills, Sludge and Solid Wastes.
  • Remediation \ Rehabilitation of Damaged Ecosystems and Habitats.
  • Integrated Management of Ecosystems.
  • Emergency Response, Including Preparation of Contingency Plan.
  • Development of Environmental Data and Information Management Systems, Including GIS Applications.
  • Capacity Building.


  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Consultations

  • Environment Public Authority

    Evaluation of Existing Environmental Conditions

  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

  • ukas management systems