Standards and Regulations

Kadhema service to Industry includes also the provision of consultancy and development of guidelines towards meeting international and national the standards and regulations. This includes:

  • EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • HIA: Health Impact Assessment;
  • Meeting criteria for Sustainable Development, through the installation of EMS including – UNEP programme to minimize the occurrence and harmful effects of technological accidents and environment emergencies (APPELL). Cleaner Production programmes(CP) and other environmental management approaches (Cradle-to-Grave/Cradle approaches);
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance;
  • Environmental Auditing: Certification, Compliance, Inspection, Assessment and Appraisal;
  • Environmental Data Management Systems, Modeling, and Simulations (GIS);
  • Emergency Management System;
  • Risk Management.


  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Consultations

  • Environment Public Authority

    Evaluation of Existing Environmental Conditions

  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

  • ukas management systems