HVAC & Traditional A/C Unit Installation & Commissioning

The commissioning of building services installation is paramount to the success of any project, ensuring that system design and performance duties are achieved on every level. The experience and capabilities of our own engineering staff fully meet these demands, and together with our unique training programme, all types of commissioning projects fall within our wide range of expertise, including Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, Package Units, DX Units & Water Chiller.


Ducting Design and Installation

We specialize in the efficient design, manufacture and installation of ductwork systems conforming to HVAC and industry specifications for use in such areas as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, kitchen extract, dust and fume extraction systems. Our system provides balanced supply and return flow to maintain a neutral pressure within the building.


Cold Room Design & Installation

Kadhema offers a Complete Design and Installation of Cold rooms as per requirements of our customers. Temperature Range: -40 C to +60 C

The Cold room Design Applications include:

  • Internal walk in Freezer and Chillers.
  • External walk in Freezers and Chillers.
  • Clean Rooms.
  • Food Processing Area.

We do our best to ensure that we meet all our customers’ requirements fast and pride ourselves for providing a quality and friendly service to our industry.

Heat Load Calculation

We calculate the accurate heat load for any type of room or building by determining:

  • Size of the area being cooled.
  • Size and position of windows, and whether they have shading.
  • Number of occupants.
  • Heat generated by equipment and machinery.
  • Heat generated by lighting.


Servicing & Maintenance

We are committed to extending the life of our Customers' assets and helping them stretch their capital budget further with professional national HVAC services.

Our mission is to serve firms with geographically diverse real estate portfolios. We help our clients effectively maintain and efficiently operate heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems across all of their locations.


Our Clients

  • 1. Al-Seef Hospital – Salmiya.
  • 2. Dar Al Hay Co. – Ahmadi
  • 3. German Clinic – Jleeb Shuwaikh
  • 4. Madain Clinic – Jahra, Hawally, Sabah salem, Fahaheel



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    Environmental Consultations

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    Evaluation of Existing Environmental Conditions

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    Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

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