Environmental Services

Kadhema Scientific Consultancy and Services includes:

  • Environmental Monitoring, Assessment, and EIA/EIS Report Preparation:
  • Design of Environmental Monitoring Networks and Supply of Analytical and Monitoring Instruments.
  • Supplying, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Ambient Air (Including Indoors), Stack and Water Quality Monitoring Systems;
  • Laboratory Services for Environmental Media, Both In situ and Ex-situ Analysis and Personal Sampling/Monitoring;
  • Development of Environmental Data/Information Depository and Display Systems With Summaries and Alarm for Emergency Response;
  • Oil Operations Waste Management Such as Oil Sludge and Contaminated Soils and Ground water.
  • De-sludging and Oil Recovery, Solid Waste Handling and Management (Including Spent Catalyst),¬† Oil Spill Management (Oil Recovery¬† / Disposal ); Incineration/Encapsulation of Hazardous Wastes;
  • Emergency Response, Including Contingency Planning, Follow Up and Mobilization in Case of Accidents/Spills;
  • Training and Capacity Building.


  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Consultations

  • Environment Public Authority

    Evaluation of Existing Environmental Conditions

  • Environment Public Authority

    Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

  • ukas management systems